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"It runs in the blood," that's what I usually say.

I came from a family of artists and growing up, I've just become attached to the beauty of it. Aside from photography, I'm also into calligraphy and painting which led me to launching my other business called Palette Play where I make custom-made invites and souvenirs.


When I met Teng, my husband and the other half of Studio 629-- I was already in the wedding and business industry scene, but his management skills and his personal touch in my art is something that I never knew I needed. Now that we are both in this together, I can confidently say that we're just the right combo-- both in the biz and in real life.

Kit Dulay
Co-Owner & Photographer of Studio629

Initially, I didn't really plan on leaning towards photography or anywhere near the industry, aside from events management. I took up Electronics and Computer Engineering in college and worked in an IT company right after. There was just this one event at work where I was randomly assigned to take pictures and it sparked my interest in photography.


Like any cliché story, it was also where things took a turn for me. When I met Kit, she was already in the industry and basically, she just drew me closer to it. She is definitely better than me at this and I know that it's really her thing, but putting all those aside-- being with her in this business and in life, generally, feels just right. It's like all the puzzle pieces finally came together and the once messy puzzle finally made sense.

Shielvert Francia
Co-Owner & Photographer of Studio629

Photo by Jonathan Keh

Together, Kit and Teng are just like you-- they are also drawn to the magic of love so rest assured, they will value your precious moments as much as you do. If you want your wedding photographs to capture not just the eyes, but also the hearts of your friends and family, then get someone who is passionately driven by the same energy which is love. You can just ask their past clients who have now become their friends in real life because I'm pretty sure they'd be happy to tell you how such drive could result into a depiction of a beautiful love story

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